This is a portfolio of all of the web design work done by Logan Rockmore.
Pacific Brewing Laboratories
Pacific Brewing Laboratories consist of two San Francisco brewers, Bryan and Patrick, who grew from a small garage operation into a nanobrewery, creating distinct and exotic beers distributed throughout the Bay Area.

When they decided to increase the size of their business, they worked with Logan to develop a website that was as fun and creative as they were.
Broke-Ass Stuart
Broke-Ass Stuart's Goddamn Website is the blog for Stuart Schuffman, known for his guide books that help people live cheaply in San Francisco and New York. Since 2012, Logan has helped Stuart to maintain the WordPress installation and add new features to the site.
Kings Mountain Art Fair
The Kings Mountain Art Fair is an annual showcase of fine artwork held in the woods of Kings Mountain, California. Proceeds from the fair help the local community, including the volunteer fire brigade and the three-room elementary school.

This website was first designed by Logan in 1999 and has been updated over the years to include modern features like online artist submission and an automatically updating artist list.
The BrewTruc is a first-of-it's-kind mobile beer truck, located in San Francisco, California. Designed and created by Hugh Schick, the BrewTruc hosts monthly beer competitions and is available for private events.
Design 23
Design 23 is a jewelry business located in Woodside, California and run by Deb Rockmore. She attends local art fairs and fashion events, selling custom designed jewerly using various materials.
Kings Mountain Echo
The Echo is a monthly publication for the residents of Kings Mountain, California. An archive of each issue is available on the website, along with a directory of local businesses and other helpful information.
Paul Tanck
Paul Tanck is a designer working in Venice, California, performing freelance work for many large clients.